Sunday, 20 September 2015

My Favourite Lipliners

Since I unfortunately wasn't born with lips like Angelina Jolie I rely heavily on lip liner in my everyday make up routine. I love the look of big plump lips and lip liner is definitely the best way to fake it. This is a review of my 6 favorite lip liners of all time.

Mac Stripdown is the first lip liner I ever bought from Mac and it's supposed to be Kim Kardashians favourite. It's a light brown shade and I usually wear it with Mac Velvet Teddy lipstick for a minimum upkeep look.
Mac Stripdown - £12.50

NYX Sand Pink is a gorgeous nude pink that glides on so smoothly. Usually I stay away from lighter colours that don't have browns through them with lip colour but this is my exception. It looks beautiful on especially with a little Mac Snob tapped on the centre of your lips to create a natural ombre look.
NYX Sand Pink £3.50

NYX Coffee is probably my all time favourite lip liner (it used to be Stripdown). For me it's the perfect nude balance of dusty pink and brown and looks so natural on. It's a great shade for over lining too as anything over the lip line appears more as a shadow than too much product. NYX liners can be quite difficult to get in the UK as they are sold out A LOT online but when this is in stock I usually buy a couple and stock up.
 NYX Coffee £3.50

Mac Soar is a complete classic and with it being so close to most people's natural lip colour its a life saver for days when you don't have much time to get ready in the morning. If I'm rushing I'll quickly line my lips with this, smudge it a bit and tap some vaseline on top and not need to worry about upkeep all day.
Mac Soar £12.50

NYX Burgundy is amazing for Autumn time coming up and I can't wait to wear it more. It's a touch of glam that is such a statement you can get away with minimum eye makeup and still look dolled up.
NYX Burgundy  £3.50

NYX Plush Red is my perfect red. It's a warm toned liner that I use when I have a few layers of fake tan on to really make the shade stand out against my complexion. Smudging is minimum too which is essential when using such a bold colour.
NYX Plush Red £3.50

Obviously Mac and NYX are my favourite brands when it comes to lip liner however I know there are loads more out there that do a great job. I'd love to hear what your favourite liners are and if you've tried any of these out before. Thank you for reading dolls x